Welcome to my website. This is a glimpse into my creative life – some of the productions I have directed; samples of award-winning plays I have written; and a look at my career thus far through my resumes. I have worked professionally in this business since I was 13 years old appearing in a production of Carl Reiner’s play, Something Different. And, it has been non-stop from there…


I owe so many thanks to the directors and choreographers I have worked for over the years as a performer. My education came from being on the job and watching those artists at work. I was the guy over to the side when I wasn’t on my feet working absorbing everything I could – and, that included the bad along with the good. I learned about the kind of director I wanted to be and the kind of director I could/would never want to be. It was ALL an education and I have carried everything forward with me as I became the Director leading the team and/or the Choreographer working to create a visual symphony that would illuminate a story moment or a character’s forward arc.

As the Director it is my job to hold the vision for the piece. It is my job to communicate that vision to each of the other artists involved in order for them to design within their own discipline. My strength is my ability to have a strong vision and also be a thoughtful collaborator. Flexibility is key. Patience is a must. Caring is essential.

Please explore some production photos of shows I am particularly proud of.


I wrote my first story when my daughter was just three years old. We were riding in the car and, out of nowhere, she exclaimed, “Daddy, the world watches me.” That was it. I was somewhat stunned as what she said was very wise and yet so very innocent. I went home and wrote my first short story, “The World Watches Me.”

Eventually, I moved into writing plays. Theatre has always been my first love and I felt I had stories I wanted to tell. A great deal of my work is historical fiction. The way that it works for me is I will hear a story about a person or an event that I find interesting. I know that there is a play there somewhere if what I hear initiates questions that I want to answer. Once I find the core question, I set out to create a story that brings the answer to light.

I have been fortunate to win many awards for my plays and to have had multiple productions. I am the man you want if you have an idea that you want theatricalized. Commissions are definitely in my wheelhouse.

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