Welcome to my website. This is a glimpse into my creative life – some of the productions I have directed; samples of award-winning plays I have written; and a look at my career thus far through my resumes.

I have worked professionally in this business since I was 13 years old appearing in a production of Carl Reiner’s play, Something Different. And, it has been non-stop from there. I have been very fortunate to have been able to make my living doing what I love. From theatre to attraction entertainment, my experience spans a wide range of what is possible to entertain and move an audience.

And, the audience is always at the forefront of my process. I ask myself what we want the audience to think and feel when they choose to be enveloped in our story. What is each individual character’s truth and how does it inform what they say and do and how they interact with others? What is important to the environment that they inhabit in order for the story to be fully realized? How does light and sound work to initiate and maintain an audience reaction?

These same questions came into play as we worked to create this website. Hopefully, you will be intrigued by what you see and read. Hopefully, you will want to know more.

Thank you!

Rob Winn Anderson