A Tennessee Walk

In the hills of Tennessee, the art of storytelling is as rich and alive as it was back in the early days. A TENNESSEE WALK uses this art, where truth and fiction blend together with no more effort than the drawing in of a breath, and weaves a dark Southern Gothic tale surrounding the legend of Murderous Mary, the elephant, and the effect that secrets have on an impressionable girl of twelve.

The Tenth Son

It is summer, 1722. The heat of the day pales in comparison to the turbulent relationship 16-year old Benjamin Franklin has with his older brother, James, and the intense passion he has found in the arms of a somewhat older, Mary Beekman. When James attempts to restrain what he considers Ben’s growing arrogance, Ben, with Mary’s help, challenges him.  In doing so, Ben becomes embroiled in a battle of medicine, religion and political manipulations. Ben soon discovers that silence is not an effective tool and that in order to have a voice you must use your voice.

A Fine Line

What is the true sex? This is the question that D. Garfinkel has struggled with for an entire life – a life that is almost over. An intersexual dancing the fine line between man and woman, joy and sorrow, acceptance and rejection, D. is on an urgent quest for forgiveness and love.

In a world that melds reality with fantasy, D. Garfinkel works desperately to achieve the forgiveness of a former foster child, Brad, who was taken away when D. decided to begin living life six months as a man and six as a woman. Under the care of his nurse, Mr. Strong, and two historical figures determined to help D. accept his/her condition – a French intersexual, and an English artist of Victorian erotica – D. focuses on reconnecting with Brad and making him understand the circumstances surrounding their relationship.

Shattered Alice

A Jane Doe, confined to a last-resort resort mental institution, desperately attempts to put the pieces of her life back together. As she falls deep into the darkest hole her damaged psyche can create, she finds that Time is not her friend, and that “off with her head” holds a meaning unlike any she could have imagined.

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