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The Tenth Son, was one of two awarded Finalists for the Stanley Drama Award from Wagner College, NY.  It is also in contention for the FutureFest Award from Dayton Playhouse.

Just opened The Wizard of Oz at the Garden Theatre to strong reviews.

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The Wizard of Oz – There’s a ton of powerfully good stuff going on on this stage… it never fell into the trap of slavishly cloning the original material but moved everything into stageable and riveting action. The show is HIGHLY recommended. – Carl F Gauze, Archikulture Digest

Biloxi Blues – “As a Viet Nam Army Veteran, this show made me laugh out loud and it also brought tears. It had to be the great production and acting in this performance because I have seen the “Blues” a couple of times and never had this reaction. Great job and thanks for the memories.” – Jim M.

The Rainmaker – …directed with tenderness by Rob Anderson, accentuates all the qualities that make us love this play — its kindness, its humor, its acceptance of the frailties of human nature and emphasis on the bonds of familial love.  …What’s most appealing, though, is the way Anderson and his actors have humanized characters that can be played as stock. – Elizabeth Maupin, The Orlando Sentinel

Superior Donuts – Michael Sapp’s smiley Franco is a force of nature – so full of himself that you think he has to be a con man, so exuberant that he fills the room. It’s an astounding performance from a very young actor, but Anderson doesn’t let him clobber the other characters: Every move seems right. – Elizabeth Maupin, The Orlando Sentinel

An Inspector Calls – Director Rob Anderson has crafted a gripping tale, one that provides a welcome — and telling — antidote to all the sugar of the holiday season. – Elizabeth Maupin, The Orlando Sentinel